Case Studies

Several companies in the maritime sector have already gotten a handle on their organization with Ultimate Maritime Logistics. Curious about their experiences?


For this case study we spoke to Ria Watson (Project Manager) and Craig Hodgson (Group Commercial Director) of RMS Group about their experiences with Ultimate Software and their implementation of the FlexPort solution developed by Ultimate Software.


Shipping means more than transport alone, it concerns the whole logistic process: from transport company to logistical company. Seatrade owns a fleet of about 100 specialised reefers. The ships and their crew are still the heart of the company. Seatrade now manages the whole logistic chain around it, from producer to end user.

Port of Aarhus

Port of Aarhus is a very new and modern port for containers, dry bulk, liquid bulk and passengers, built in the last 20 years. They felt the need for a new 'future-proof' system wich can handle the majority of all port activity.   The data flow is is very important and Ultimate Software offered the right solution. 

Groningen Seaports

Groningen Seaports port authority manages the ports and surrounding industrial areas for the ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven. They were looking for a customized system that was less complex for the administration and financial processing of all shipping activities. Flexport, based on Microsoft Dynamics, met Seaports' needs.

Oxelösund Hamn AB

In the port of Oxelösund, a wide range of port services is offered by Oxelösund Hamn AB. With Flex Maritime Logistics, Oxelösund Hamn AB's customers can be confident that the entire logistics chain, with inventiveness and dedication, is in control.

Vollers Group

Vollers provides services for the entire supply chain from the release of a shipping container to storage in their warehouses and commodity-specific services. Flex Maritime Logistics, based on Microsoft Dynamics, enables them to provide a constant level of service.

Aarhus Havn
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