It is difficult for maritime organizations to digitize their complex processes to be able to work on the basis of prediction and analysis. With our years of experience and knowledge in this sector, we know exactly how these processes work and the challenges you face.

We are enthusiastic about helping maritime organizations automate these complex processes and helping your business thrive. The combination of our proven experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our knowledge of the maritime industry helps your organization manage your role in the supply chain and be in control.

Ultimate Control

Ultimate Maritime Logistics is an authority in the maritime logistics. With our implementation & technical competences, maritime domain knowledge and solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we help you to get a better grip on your business.

Ultimate control

Your challenge

The maritime sector involves a wide variety of activities that need to be planned and recorded. These are performed both in-house and by third parties. It can be a challenge to connect certain aspects of the operational and financial process seamlessly. The large number of parties involved and the many streams of communication make the processes complex and it is difficult to work efficiently and predictably.


Flex Maritime Logistics

Optimize your maritime operations with Flex Maritime Logistics. We ensure that all operational and financial processes are smoothly integrated, allowing for more efficient operations. It is future-proof, being based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Maritime knowledge & authority
  • Complete supply chain
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Flex Maritime Logistics in combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is used to automate all processes, optimizing business processes directly. This cloud-based platform is the ideal basis for developing excellent products. We can also implement your specific modifications. The latest technologies and updates are always available to you. We help you to get a better handle on your business.

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Our position and the latest developments in the maritime logistics sector.

Our approach

With the short lines of communication within our organization, we guarantee an appropriate, professional and fast solution and are available to you 24/7. We proactively contribute ideas and will do everything to ensure the continuity of your business.

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