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Maritime Logistics

The maritime supply chain encompasses various roles, each with a specific character and its own challenges. Proper integration of processes is an important prerequisite for controlling your organization. That is why Ultimate Maritime Logistics offers you a single company-wide solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We support the entire maritime supply chain

Our solution is aimed at all companies within maritime logistics. With our many years of experience in this sector, we know exactly how processes run and the challenges that the maritime sector faces. We realize that every role within this sector has different needs.

"We use our technological and maritime expertise to automate complex processes. We offer you a unique all-in-one solution"

Based on our knowledge of business processes and specifically maritime logistics, we ensure that our integrated solution is tailored to your needs. We understand your challenge!

Roles in maritime logistics


Line Operator

Terminal  Operator

Port Authority

Port Operator

Port Agent

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Maritime Industry

It is a challenge to get all the accurate information you need on time. You depend on the willingness and the abilities of the people in your organization and third parties to achieve this. In our solutions, we encourage continuous improvement of the quality and timely availability of information to manage the supply chain properly. This enables you to work using predictions and analysis. That lays the basis for a successful business.

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With the short lines of communication within our organization, we guarantee an appropriate, professional and fast solution and are available to you 24/7. We proactively contribute ideas and will do everything to ensure the continuity of your business.

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