Flex Maritime Logistics at Oxelösund Hamn AB

FlexPort as an integrated software solution

Håkan Folkesson, Head of inance at Oxelösund Hamn AB, talks to us in this case study. He tells us how Ultimate Software delivers crucial value to the Port of Oxelösund.  Flex Maritime Logistic provides a fully integrated software solution.

This solution automates manual work and eliminates distracting repetitions in information between the individual systems. With Flex Maritime Logistics, Oxelösund Hamn AB's customers can be confident that it is in control of the entire logistics chain with inventiveness and dedication.

“Ultimate Software works with dedication and a listening ear. It is the only provider that offers inventive solutions specifically for port authorities.”

Håkan reveals that they have been using the Flex Maritime Logistics- solution since 2006. "Before we worked with Flex Maritime Logistics, we updated our data all over the place. We had individual Excel sheets for everything, systems to keep track of man-hours, and so on. It was impossible to create up-to-date reports and get insight into valuable data.

We were looking for an integrated solution to say goodbye to all those separate systems once and for all. To continuously offer its customers the best possible service and to stand out from the competition, Oxelösund Hamn AB needs reliable information. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us, and of course we want to serve the entire logistics chain.

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