FlexPort at Groningen Seaports

FlexPort as a financial system at Seaports

In this case study, Derk Matroos, IT project manager at Groningen Seaports, talks about replacing the financial system 'Exact' with the Microsoft Dynamics-based ERP solution 'FlexPort' from Ultimate Software.

Groningen Seaports port authority manages the ports and surrounding industrial areas for the ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven. In addition to ensuring safe shipping traffic and well-equipped business sites, there is much more to this port authority than shipping alone. It is important for Groningen Seaports that many companies establish themselves in the region. 

"We're impressed with Ultimate Software's domain knowledge, as well as their knowledge of shipping and financial and project administration"

More business activity leads to an increase in shipping traffic for loading and unloading of raw materials, semi-finished and/or finished products. To attract companies that want to establish themselves in the region, the port authority endeavours to facilitate or provide the necessary processes for these companies, such as obtaining permits.

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