05 may 2022
Training Vollers Group
Training Vollers Group

Vollers Group has been a customer of Ultimate Maritime Logistics for many years. This company has subsidiaries all over Europe and is an expert in Maritime & Commodity Logistics. In addition, land transport is an important part of the Vollers Group's services. This company not only takes care of storage and distribution, but also of the complete handling of all documents and customs formalities for import and export within the various European countries.

In order to manage all these logistics processes, Vollers Group faces several challenges every day. With Ultimate Maritime Logistics's integrated solution, all operational, support and financial processes are visible in one platform, allowing for more efficient working. Ultimate Maritime Logistics offers 24/7 accessible guidance and support, but also considers it important that customers are self-reliant and more independent to solve smaller issues themselves.

Ultimate Logistics therefore provides trainings and workshops to its customers. The CIO/IT manager and application administrators of a company (customer) are extensively trained and educated, so that these persons can support their organisation completely independently. 

Monday 25 April, a so-called 'train-the-trainer-day' was organised for Vollers Group. Ultimate Maritime Logistics consultants spent the day showing our regular customer around parts of their application, so that Vollers Group will be better able to provide support independently. The staff was taught how to make user adjustments in the application and to use task recordings for documentation and user instructions, in order to work as efficiently as possible. Ultimate Maritime Logistics's training will ultimately lead to time and cost savings, as Vollers Group employees will be able to provide support internally more quickly.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics helps its customers to manage all processes and get a better grip on their organisation. Does your company play a role in the maritime supply chain and are you looking for an integrated solution to manage all processes? Please feel free to contact us for more information or a no-obligation appointment.

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The world of maritime logistics is complex and full of challenges. Do you have any questions and would you like to exchange views? Then get in touch with us.

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