03 februari 2022
RMS implements
Flex Maritime Logistics
RMS implements Flex Maritime Logistics 

The RMS Group is firmly rooted on the UK’s busiest estuary, the River Humber. RMS has a geographic advantage over its competitors, being able to operate in every major port on the Humber; they provide “one number for the Humber”. Millions of tonnes of steel, aluminium, paper, timber, and other products are handled by RMS Group, providing customers with excellent services in shipping, stevedoring, storage warehousing and distribution. RMS is known for its good performance, delivery accuracy and ­flexibility.

 All-in-one system based on FlexPort & Microsoft Dynamics 365

RMS has been working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and FlexPort since 2018, integrating all operations in one of the most complex businesses in the maritime industry, into an "all-in one" solution. After the system has been used for the registration of cargo and handlings in an integrated way for accurate stock management and complete invoicing, it is now time for the next step. A cool step for RMS!

Flex Maritime Logistics Implementation

RMS will be implementing Flex Maritime Logistics in the coming year. With this, RMS will make the next step in the automation of their business processes. The latest version of Flex Maritime Logistics provides for a new contract structure where commercial agreements are based on cargo data, operational parameters, and the cost price of the agreed services. From this contract, bookings are made from which the work for the services is generated. Assets and employees are scheduled for the work to be performed. This leads to expected work hours and costs that can be used for efficiency and cost analysis compared to the actual recorded work hours. All in all, quite an advance. This transition allows RMS to predict upcoming work even better with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Benefits of Flex Maritime Logistics

With Flex Maritime Logistics, RMS can better control the operational process. Because of the detailed analysis capabilities, process efficiency can be improved, and company results become more predictable. Indispensable for a company like RMS.

Flex Maritime Logistics integrates the operational maritime logistics with the financial processes within Microsoft D365. Completeness of invoicing, an audit trail and budget/actual comparison on work orders are some examples that result from this integration.

The new Asset Management module within Microsoft D365 can be used by RMS to increase the reliability and availability of its assets. The integration with Flex Maritime Logistics gives the production planner insight into the availability of the assets for production planning.

We are currently working on this implementation. Would you like to know more about this process or are you curious about the possibilities for your company? Please contact us. Then we can discuss the possibilities.

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The world of maritime logistics is complex and full of challenges. Do you have any questions and would you like to exchange views? Then get in touch with us.

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