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11 april 2024
Important release update for Port of Aarhus
Important release update for Port of Aarhus

We're thrilled to announce that our customer Port of Aarhus has just undergone a major software update for their ERP system, charting a course towards smoother operations and enhanced efficiency.

About Port of Aarhus

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Denmark, Port of Aarhus stands as a bustling hub of maritime activity. From facilitating cargo shipments to serving as a gateway for international trade, Port of Aarhus plays a pivotal role in connecting businesses to global markets. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of experts, they ensure that goods flow seamlessly in and out of Denmark, contributing to the region's economic vitality and prosperity.

The Port of Aarhus holds the title of the nation's largest commercial harbor, serving as Denmark's primary maritime gateway due to its substantial market dominance. They reign supreme in the realm of container shipping, boasting an impressive market share exceeding 70%. Additionally, they proudly stand as the leading public bulk port. As a result, a significant portion of Denmark's consumer goods traverse through our port, while a substantial portion of Danish exports embarks on their global journey via our extensive network of shipping routes.

Cooperation Port of Aarhus and Ultimate Maritime Logistics

The Port of Aarhus is one of the organizations that can be counted longest among Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers.  For many years, the port's maritime processes have been supported and planned by the system using the overview the "Watchlist". Handling of vessel visits, registration of cargo transshipment, scheduling of cranes for loading and unloading activities and deployment of the maritime services such as pilotage, towage and mooring, all these processes are billed based on specific maritime parameters. The registered data are used in various ways, integration with external parties, presentations on websites and internal analysis and reporting.

Flex Maritime Logistics has been a reliable maritime ERP backbone for the Port of Aarhus operations for many years. With the version on Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO in the Cloud, the Port of Aarhus is fully compliant with the latest security standards to secure their sensitive data and protect against potential cyber threats.  

Customer Testimonial: Port of Aarhus

For this article we asked Lars-Michael Andreasen (head of Customer Coordination Centre at the Port of Aarhus) to share his experience with Ultimate Maritime Logistics.

“AX2012 was no longer supported by Microsoft as of October 2023. For this reason, we were compelled to switch to another system, as we cannot continue with the AX platform since both Finance and Customer Service no longer receive security updates”.

We have partnered with Ultimate Maritime Logistics since 2015. We have a good and close collaboration, and Ultimate has dedicated individuals who act swiftly on our issues. They have a good understanding of the business and can translate technical terms into “customer language”.

The transition from the old system to the cloud went smoothly and on schedule. The smooth progress can be attributed to Ultimate having great knowledge on the process both onsite with us and remotely when necessary. Additionally, Ultimate Maritime Logistics has had a good overview, so development areas that were not part of scope 1 were deprioritized.

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