17 March 2022
Flex Maritime Logistics Yard management at Vollers HoogTij
Flex Maritime Logistics Yard management at Vollers HoogTij

Vollers has been a customer of Ultimate Maritime Logistics for many years. For the new cacao terminal Hoogtij, the Yard management module of our Flex Maritime Logistics solution has been extensively implemented. This makes it possible for Vollers to process their intensive and high volume incoming and outgoing goods flows fully automatically. A nice efficiency improvement!

About Vollers Hoogtij
Vollers Hoogtij is one of the latest expansions within the Vollers group. With the opening of this site, Vollers started using a terminal storing cocoa exclusively for one customer. This terminal has a storage capacity for no less than 75,000 tons of cocoa beans. The innovative storage method is fast and fully automatic, which benefits the quality of the cocoa beans. The cocoa is processed over land by trucks and containers and over water by unloading and loading seagoing and inland vessels.

Vollers and Ultimate Maritime Logistics
Vollers HoogTij is automated with Flex Maritime Logistics. The administrative support of the HoogTij operational process is based on the maritime logistics order flow as used in all other Vollers sites. The integration with the MES software for silo planning and control is used like in the silos in Bremen, being the main Vollers site. The MES software organizes the management of the gearboxes and conveyor belts in the silos to store the cocoa in the planned silo cells. An impressive process to behold.

For this fully automated terminal, the Yard Management component has been implemented extensively. The integration with the inland container terminal and the pre-notification by the carriers in the web-portal create slot reservations that enable efficient gate handling. This, of course, speeds things up. The integrations with OCR scanners, RFID readers and QR code scanners indicate exactly which Mafi/Container combination or Truck is at the gate. This information is validated within the system, which automatically opens the barriers to admit the visitors. The Yard Management System provides insight into the units present at the terminal at all times. Direct and real-time insight.

The combinations admitted to the terminal are weighed within their processes on the various weighbridges. Full and empty weights are validated and processed via the weighbridge integration within Flex Maritime Logistics. In this way, the storage and release at each silo cell is updated fully automatically and in real time. All these developments ensure that Vollers can monitor and analyse its processes quickly and efficiently. A great efficiency boost!

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