2 december 2021
Flex Maritime Logistics implementation at Vollers HoogTij
Flex Maritime Logistics implementation at Vollers HoogTij

Vollers has been a customer of Ultimate Maritime Logistics for many years. Vollers Bremen has been working with our Flex Maritime Logistics solution since 2017. This year Vollers built a new terminal in Amsterdam HoogTij, and Ultimate Maritime Logistics also provides a solid ERP solution there.

About Vollers  
Vollers is a logistics company that specializes in the transport and storage of goods, products, and commodities. She has several locations in Europe, including the Dutch locations in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the second largest port in the Netherlands. At the North Sea Canal and the mouth of the Amstel and the IJ in the IJsselmeer, more than 20 percent of the international cocoa crops is handled. This makes Amsterdam the largest cocoa port in the world.

Vollers is an experienced cocoa expert. In Amsterdam, they store the high-quality beans carefully, so they can be processed into cocoa mass, powder, and butter at any time. In addition, they also handle  the commodities coffee and general cargo in Amsterdam. In the new Terminal HoogTij, Vollers has a storage capacity of no less than 75,000 tons of cocoa beans. In collaboration with Cargill, is worked on an innovative process in which the cocoa is stored fully automatically. This is a nice solution, which benefits the quality of the cocoa beans!

Vollers and Ultimate Maritime Logistics
Vollers HoogTij is already the 10th business unit of the Vollers Group that has been automated with Flex Maritime Logistics. Specifically for this fully automatic terminal, the Yard management component has been extensively implemented. Integrations have been realized with the barriers, traffic lights, weighbridges, OCR scanners, RFID readers and QR code scanners to make the Yard management process fully automatic. In addition, there are integrations with the container terminal and carrier for creating the pre-registration for efficient gate handling. All in all, a very nice development that ensures that Vollers can quickly and efficiently organize and analyze its processes.

For the loading of the outgoing goods, an electronic CMR is created which the driver can sign off in real time on his mobile. For this purpose, an integration with Transfollow has been realized within the release process. For Vollers, focusing on digitization is extremely important, because this saves a lot of time and ensures transparency in the entire process.

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