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29 june 2023
Expansion project Port of Aarhus
Expansion project Port of Aarhus

The Port of Aarhus from Denmark has been a customer of Ultimate Maritime Logistics for many years. In the 90s, they started with our solution FlexPort and they are still doing so today under the new name Flex Maritime Logistics.

Currently, we have started an analysis phase. During this analysis, we will look together at how the processes of the Port of Aarhus fit within the latest version of Flex Maritime Logistics for D365 Finance & Operations and how we can bring them even better in control of their operations.

Port of Aarhus

The Port of Aarhus, as port authority, has the responsibility to ensure optimal infrastructure for loading and unloading containers, handling dry and liquid bulk and Ro-Ro facilities. Within this responsibility, the Port of Aarhus provides maritime and land-based services, such as crane operators and maintenance. Maritime services take place around the vessel visits, pilots and tugs to bring ships into the port and boatmen to moor ships at the quay.

Aarhus Port's extensive facilities are leased out. Think of buildings, warehouses and cold stores. Aarhus Port owns an area of 2,800,000 m2, and much of it is leased to port-relevant companies.

In the coming years, Aarhus Port is going to expand considerably. An area of no less than 84 hectares will be added to the existing port area in phases. In addition, a number of new initiatives and green measures will be implemented for both the climate and the maritime environment, along with the construction of an intermodal inland terminal (dry port) for efficient inland container transit.

With this expansion project, the Port of Aarhus is future-proof, can better support the green transition, create more jobs and promote development for the benefit of Aarhus and Denmark.

All the business areas of Aarhus Port are supported in Flex Maritime Logistics. The latest developments and the optimization of existing processes will have their place in the automation project. This should lead to a modern Maritime ERP system with which the port can meet the challenges of the future, monitor developments properly and support maritime processes. 

We look forward to working intensively with the team at Aarhus Port during this process.

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