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23 may 2024
CHS China live
CHS China live

Ultimate Maritime Logistics is proud of its collaboration with the CHS Container Group. With the aim of moving towards a more unified and integrated organizational structure, we have embarked on the rollout of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations together. Ultimate Control is the ultimate goal for CHS!

A significant milestone: China Live!

On April 1st, there was a significant milestone for the CHS Container Group. They went live with their accounting in China right on time. Although it's still a small user group in China, this marks the beginning of something significant. From the headquarters in Germany, it's now possible to have insights into the financial processes in China. This step is crucial for CHS as it enables them to integrate data from China into the system in Germany, enabling a seamless flow of information.

We are proud that the launch in China was completed right on schedule. This milestone marks the first step towards a fully integrated organization, where all companies collaborate as one entity. A fantastic roadmap has been outlined to integrate all companies in 20 countries into the same ERP system by early 2025. This promises not only a more efficient operation but also enhanced collaboration and coordination across the entire CHS Container Group. With each step forward, the vision of a unified, integrated organization is being realized.

About CHS

CHS is comprised of a dynamic group of international companies and global subsidiaries, each utilizing a unique combination of IT systems to meet their specific needs. While some companies within CHS use advanced ERP systems, others rely on traditional tools such as Microsoft Excel to manage their operations. This diversity in systems reflects the flexible nature of the organization while also providing opportunities for further coordination and coherence. This varied approach has served the individual needs of companies well, such as German companies benefiting from Microsoft Navision 2016, which excels specifically in local activities.

Want to learn more about this great project? Read more about the objectives and collaboration with CHS.

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