Flexport at Port of Aarhus

FlexPort at Port of Aarhus

Henrik Munch Jensen, Assistant Director at Port of Aarhus, tells us about recent IT developments at Port of Aarhus  for which they cooperate with Ultimate Software and ‘Netcompany’.

“Yes, we are a happy customer, it is rather complicated, we are pleased that the people of Ultimate Software know what we are doing, both on the technology side and as a port operator. They know what we are talking about.”

”More than 1000 years ago there was a port in Aarhus already. The current port of Aarhus has been built on new land reclaimed from the sea during the last 200 years. Nowadays it is a very new and modern port for containers, dry bulk, liquid bulk and passengers, built in the last 20 years. The port of Aarhus serves three different types of customers in FlexPort: (1) tentans who lease land, warehouses or offices, (2) agents with ships calling at the port using maritime services and (3) stevedores using cranes for loading and unloading cargo."

“Many companies just do what a client asks. At Ultimate Software, they first make sure whether this is what we really need.”

"The main reason for our customers to come to Port of Aarhus is the location, the infrastructure and the facilities. For sure the dataflow is very important as well. This was the reason to choose Ultimate Software, it was a strategic choice. Other parties we talked to, were no experts in ports and would have had to build new systems."


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