20 January 2022
What is the solution offer of Flex Maritime Logistics?
What is the solution offer of Flex Maritime Logistics?

The maritime logistics industry is daily confronted with various challenges. Each commodity has its own approach. Complex processes can change frequently. You want to engage in the right activities with your company and have the right focus for optimal profitability. It is a challenge to have data available in advance, during and/or after the process for optimization. Operating flexible and agile, allowing you to respond quickly to the wishes and demands of customers, is difficult for many companies in the maritime logistic industry. Setting up business processes smarter and more efficient, consolidating them within one application provides insight, simplification, and efficiency of these complex processes.

Flex Maritime Logistics  

Based on these challenges, we have developed the Flex Maritime Logistics solution. With this solution, we ensure that all operational, commercial, and financial processes are seamlessly integrated into one platform, so that work can be done efficiently. Whoever chooses Ultimate Maritime Logistics, does not just choose the product Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Microsoft. We built our ERP solution on top of this standard software from Microsoft. In addition to the know-how to advise customers on how to use this software most efficiently, we have knowledge and experience in the maritime logistics business, making us a good consulting partner.

The software is always up to date and compatible, so innovations in the software can be immediately applied by our customers.  In addition, Ultimate Maritime Logistics offers 24/7 accessible guidance and support. Our professionals work together quickly and efficiently on the maintenance and management of your systems, guaranteeing quality.

Are you working in the maritime logistics industry and looking for an ERP solution? A solution that helps you further and provides insight into the complex processes, allowing you to manage the entire supply chain of your organization? Please contact us. We are happy to help you get a better control on your company.

Read here more about our solution.

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The world of maritime logistics is complex and full of challenges. Do you have any questions and would you like to exchange views? Then get in touch with us.

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