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30 may 2024
The highlights of Microsoft Build 2024
The highlights of Microsoft Build 2024

At its annual Build developer conference, Microsoft introduced various AI-integrated services aimed at enterprises and consumers. Enterprise AI is the driving force behind both Google and Microsoft’s AI strategies, although consumer-centric initiatives aren’t far behind. Naturally, Ultimate Maritime Logistics was present, as our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and we always stay updated on the latest developments in this area to better assist our clients.

Several announcements and insights were brought across different areas during the keynotes. We found it very interesting! Let’s explore 10 highlights below. Happy reading!

Please note: Our Microsoft 365 developers visited this event, so the highlights might not be easily understandable for everyone. But that doesn’t matter, as long as you, as a customer, can benefit from the latest advancements, right?

1. AI integration across products

AI integration across Microsoft stack:

  • Copilot + PC: a new era of AI with Copilot+ PCs was unveiled. It is a new category of Windows PCs. These devices come equipped with enhanced Copilot features built-in. Copilot+ PCs aim to empower developers by providing seamless integration with AI tools and capabilities directly on the hardware level. These devices are designed to enhance productivity, streamline development workflows, and enable low-code development.
  • Office Suite: AI-powered features in Office apps streamline tasks. Think real-time grammar suggestions, intelligent document summarization, and predictive text.
  • Azure Services: Azure leverages AI for better resource allocation, predictive maintenance, and anomaly detection. Developers can build smarter applications using Azure’s AI capabilities.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers benefit from enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows with AI-integrated PCs, and simplified daily tasks through AI-powered features in Office apps. Additionally, Azure’s AI capabilities enable smarter applications and better resource managemen

2. Copilot is evolving

Copilot has been a game-changer for many people since it was first released in early 2023. Using modern AI and large language models (LLMs) like Open AI’s GPT-4, copilots across Microsoft products have assisted people with complex tasks, serving as a personal, behind-the-scenes AI assistant. Upcoming features:

Team Copilot: an expansion of Copilot for Microsoft 365. Previously a behind-the-scenes, personal AI assistant, Copilot is now becoming a valuable member of your team. With Team Copilot, you can invoke it where you collaborate – in Teams, Loop, Planner, and more. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • Meeting facilitator: Team Copilot can manage meetings by handling the agenda, tracking time, and taking notes.
  • Chat collaborator: It surfaces important information, tracks action items, and addresses unresolved issues during chats.
  • Project manager: Team Copilot ensures smooth project execution and notifies the team when their input is needed.

Copilot Studio: UI updates are arriving for more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Additionally, there is now a Copilot designed specifically for mobile apps, increasing productivity on the go. Copilot Studio is introducing new agent capabilities that empower developers to build copilots by orchestrating tasks and functions independently, such as:

  • Developers define tasks for their copilots, equip them with necessary knowledge, and Copilot Studio orchestrates dynamic workflows behind the scenes.
  • These capabilities allow copilots to automate long-running business processes, reason over actions, learn from user feedback, and deliver personalized experiences.
  • Copilots can proactively respond to data and events, automating tasks and improving organizational efficiency.

Copilot extensions, including plugins and connectors, allow customers to enhance Microsoft Copilot by connecting it to new data sources and applications, expanding its functionality.

Microsoft’s Copilot improves the development of solutions in the Power Platform, playing a crucial role in enabling low-code development and automation.

  • Power Apps Enhancements: Features like coauthoring and Code View were highlighted, making app development more efficient, promoting better coding practices and easier maintenance.
  • Power Automate Advancements: AI Flows and AI Recorder are on the way.

AI Flows revolve around a set of instructions provided to an LLM (Large Language Model) in natural language with additional parameters and source documents, as a result the Generative AI will create the Power Automate flow. Whereas AI Recorder combines screen capture and voice to create desktop flows for a more resilient RPA workflow.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from the evolving Copilot, now a collaborative team member in Microsoft 365, enhancing productivity through meeting management, chat collaboration, and project execution. Additionally, new developer tools in Copilot Studio and Power Platform advancements like AI-powered workflows and app development improvements enable more efficient, low-code solutions and automation

3. Partnerships for AI advancements

Collaborating with Nvidia and AMD is a strategic move. Here’s why:

  • Nvidia: Known for its GPUs, Nvidia accelerates AI training and inference. Microsoft can leverage Nvidia’s hardware for AI workloads.
  • AMD: AMD’s CPUs and GPUs are crucial for AI research and development. Their collaboration enhances Microsoft’s AI ecosystem.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from Microsoft's strategic partnerships with Nvidia and AMD, which enhance AI capabilities through accelerated AI training and inference, and improved AI research and development.

4. Generative AI takes center stage

OpenAI’s GPT-4o (a variant of ChatGPT) newest flagship model is a generative AI breakthrough that is now available in Azure AI Studio and as an API:

  • Multilingual Understanding: GPT-4o understands and generates content in multiple languages, bridging communication gaps.
  • Real-Time Content Generation: Developers can use GPT-4o for chatbots, content creation, and more. It’s like having an AI co-writer.
  • Image and Audio Generation: GPT-4o extends beyond text, creating images and even composing music.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from GPT-4o's multilingual understanding and real-time content generation, enhancing communication and content creation. Additionally, GPT-4o's capabilities in image and audio generation provide innovative solutions for diverse media needs.

5. Bing AI and ChatGPT integration

Bing as the default search engine for ChatGPT:

  • Enhanced Search: ChatGPT now uses Bing’s powerful search capabilities to provide accurate and relevant information.
  • Plugin Ecosystem: New Bing AI and Copilot plugins enhance developer productivity.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from ChatGPT's enhanced search accuracy and relevancy through Bing integration, along with increased developer productivity from new Bing AI and Copilot plugins.

6. Azure innovations

Azure continues to evolve:

  • AI Services: Azure offers pre-built AI models, APIs, and tools for developers.
  • IoT Solutions: Azure IoT Hub enables seamless device connectivity and management.
  • Quantum Computing: Azure Quantum empowers quantum developers.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from Azure's pre-built AI models and tools, seamless IoT device connectivity, and cutting-edge quantum computing capabilities, enabling advanced solutions and innovation.

7. Windows 11 enhancements

Windows 11 gets a boost:

  • Performance: Improved speed and responsiveness across the OS.
  • Security: Enhanced protection against threats and vulnerabilities.
  • User Experience: Refined Start menu, taskbar, and window management.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from Windows 11's enhanced performance, security, and user experience, providing improved speed, protection against threats, and a more refined interface for efficient workflow management.

8. Edge browser improvements

Microsoft Edge gets smarter:

  • AI-driven features: Predictive browsing, context-aware suggestions, and enhanced security. The browser adapts to user behavior and preferences.
  • Performance Boost: Faster page loading and smoother browsing.
  • Privacy Features: Enhanced tracking prevention and privacy controls.
  • Developer Tools: Improved debugging and profiling.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers will benefit from Microsoft Edge's AI-driven features for predictive browsing and enhanced security, along with improved performance, privacy features, and developer tools, ensuring a smoother and more secure browsing experience tailored to their needs.

9. GitHub integration

Microsoft highlighted its integration with GitHub, emphasizing how developers can streamline workflows and collaborate more effectively.

  • GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool that assists developers in writing code more efficiently. It provides real-time suggestions, autocompletions, and even generates entire code snippets based on context.
  • Copilot leverages machine learning models to understand code patterns, programming languages, and project context. It supports multiple languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and more.
  • Developers can collaborate with Copilot by writing code alongside it, benefiting from its intelligent suggestions and reducing manual typing.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers benefit from Microsoft's integration with GitHub, empowering developers with GitHub Copilot, an AI-driven code completion tool that enhances efficiency by providing real-time suggestions and generating code snippets based on context. This collaboration facilitates smoother workflows and improved productivity, enabling developers to focus more on innovation

10. Visual Studio 2024

Developers rejoice:

  • Debugging Enhancements: Better insights into code behavior.
  • Collaboration Tools: Real-time collaboration for distributed teams.
  • Language Support: Expanded language capabilities.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics' customers benefit from Visual Studio 2024's debugging enhancements for improved code behavior insights, real-time collaboration tools for distributed teams, and expanded language support, facilitating smoother development processes and enhanced productivity.

In summary:
The recent event showcased an array of groundbreaking advancements across Microsoft's ecosystem, with significant implications for developers and businesses alike. From the evolution of AI-powered tools like Copilot and GPT-4o to the integration of cutting-edge technologies in Windows 11, Azure, Edge browser, GitHub, and Visual Studio 2024, the event underscored Microsoft's commitment to innovation and empowerment. These highlights offer a glimpse into the transformative potential of these technologies, enhancing productivity, security, collaboration, and developer capabilities. While these are just a few of the highlights, there's much more to explore from this exciting even

We loved being there and applying all the new developments for our customers.

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