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14 March 2024
The added value of DevOps in the maritime industry
The added value of DevOps in the maritime industry

At Ultimate Maritime Logistics, we use DevOps to ensure top-notch outcomes for our clients.

DevOps, short for Development and Operations, is about enhancing teamwork and communication between software development teams and IT operations. It emphasizes automation, continuous integration, and a culture of shared responsibility to deliver high-quality software more efficiently.

Why DevOps matters:

Boosts collaboration: DevOps brings together engineers, developers, and operations for seamless teamwork.

Speeds up delivery: By streamlining the software delivery pipeline, we can release updates more frequently and reliably.

Encourages continuous improvement: With feedback loops and iterative practices, we constantly refine and optimize our processes.

In this article we try to explain the version control systems we have been using by exploring the paths of Git and TFS (Team Foundation Server). Ready for an technical insight?

Why use version control

Imagine having a magical time machine for your code. That's what source control does. It tracks every change we make to our codebase, so we can go back in time if needed, compare different versions, and understand how our code has evolved. Besides going back in time, it will also act as a logbook for our code, by keeping track of who did what and when. This makes it easier to trace the history of changes which include the reasoning behind a change.

Working together on a project is a breeze with source control. It lets multiple developers tinker with the code simultaneously without stepping on each other's toes. We can merge changes seamlessly and ensure that everyone's work fits together nicely.

One of the key factors of source control is no longer having the “fear” of breaking things. By creating branches, we can work on new features and deliver to testing environments without causing a breaking change to happen as rollbacks are available. This in coherence with continuous integration and continuous deployment you can ship your code with more confidence.

In a nutshell, source control is our best friend as developers. It keeps our code safe, makes collaboration a breeze, and helps us ship better software, faster. What's not to love?

Source control

Source control, also known as version control or revision control, is a system that manages changes to documents, code, or any other set of files over time. It allows multiple people to collaborate on projects, tracks changes, maintain a history of revisions, and enables reverting to previous versions if needed.

Source control systems maintain a complete history of changes to files, including who made the changes, when they were made, and what exactly changed. This allows users to track the evolution of the codebase over time.

Version control keeps our code safe, fosters collaboration, and helps us deliver better software, faster. At Ultimate Maritime Logistics, we're committed to finding the best solutions for our customers. Let us navigate DevOps together for your success.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities and benefits of DevOps? Please feel free to get in touch.

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