26 may 2022
Introduction to
Zlatina Kaisheva
Introduction to Zlatina Kaisheva

Zlatina Kaisheva works as a functional Dynamics AX financial consultant at Ultimate Maritime Logistics since January 2021. In this blog she talks about her work background, the role she fulfills exactly within the company and what she finds so interesting about her job. 

“I used to be an accountant for 10 years. When I started working, I was still at university studying ‘accounting and controlling’. My last job was chief accountant.  I was working with an ERP system. Now it’s called Microsoft Dynamics 365, but back then it was Microsoft Dynamics AX. They renamed it.  After I quit my last accounting job, I applied to a company in Bulgaria that basically was in the same section as Ultimate Maritime Logistics. I worked there for 7 years. I was working for all kinds of customers, but mainly in the constructing business”.

“I was a financial consultant. Back then my job was mainly the support, so I ended as a support manager. Then my husband moved to the Netherlands to work there. The first time I came to the Netherlands, I started looking for a job with no luck. After 2 years of searching, I was almost giving up. I got in touch with Ultimate Maritime Logistics by a recruiting agency. Arne and Dirk saw my profile on LinkedIn and suddenly the agency called. Within two week I was working for them as a financial accountant. I am really happy because this job was really what I wanted!”

“At the moment we have new projects at Ultimate Maritime Logistics. I work mainly together with Arne. We are responsible for the financial part of the implementation. This includes invoices, payments, financial reports and all that kind of stuff. My work is mostly related to the set up and the workshops with the clients. During the workshops we present the customers how the system works, based on their particular needs and their methods. We show them how the system will cover their needs. It's a new system, a new way of working, not 100% the way they are used to. They learn how their requests can be modified in the system”.

“Usually, we try to stick to the way Microsoft built Dynamics 365. We try to keep the financial part as straightforward as possible. If the customer wants something to be modified in the system, my colleagues, the technical guys, will arrange that. Unfortunately, I can't do this modification... I am really interested in this part but that is really out of my league”, she laughs.

“First of all, I like to work for Ultimate Maritime Logistics because the colleagues are really nice! Although I only spoke to them online at Teams so far. Because it’s a relatively small company I get to know them better, which I like. This workplace is great because I learn. In my previous workplace I wanted to be more involved with projects for customers from start to finish. That didn’t happen… If you are stuck to only the support, tasks quickly go into a routine. At the end all the issues are the same for the customer. Since I work at Ultimate Maritime Logistics on a project each customer has its own requirements, so you have to learn, read, test, ask questions, search for answers, you start learning. This was the main reason for me that I actually wanted to change my workplace. It really is a step forward! I am working with the customer, I see their request, I see so many different things and the maritime industry is completely new for me. The requirements are totally different than I used to. I work with customers from different countries.  Which means different legislations, things that they need”. 

“It’s important for me to know more about Maritime Logistics, because then I understand the customer better. I am going to dig a little deeper in this industry soon. When my colleagues have the time, they explain certain parts of this industry. That is really interesting because then you know what is happening”.

Zlatina ends the interview: “I am originally from Bulgaria and in a few weeks, I will live in Nieuw-Vennep with my husband and daughter from 6 months. I spent a lot of free time taking care of my little one. We have two big dogs and when the weather is good, we go out for a walk. I used to play basketball, but that was a long time ago and I like to craft. I usually do cards, photo albums, decorations for parties. Mainly paper craftwork”.

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