24 fabruary 2022
Introduction to
Michal Bacho 
Introduction to Michal Bacho

Michal Bacho has been working as a BI consultant and developer at Ultimate Maritime Logistics since February 2021. In this blog, he talks about his work background, the role he plays within the company and what he finds interesting about his job.

 “After University I worked in the shoe industry at various companies.  I was involved in analyzing data; financial payments and sales information. Always being on the side of the customer. During this period, I started using Microsoft Power BI, an interactive tool to visualize data. Normally, I used Microsoft Excel for this, but Power BI worked much faster and better. Visualizing the sales- or operational data became easier, and Power BI became my specialty.”

 “I got in touch with Ultimate Maritime Logistics via LinkedIn. At that time, I was working as a business analyst for Global Logistics at a leading engineering company. It was the first year that corona broke out, there was no interaction with colleagues at all and I felt like it was time to move to another company. A recruiter from Ultimate Maritime Logistics approached me and after a first call with Dirk Sijtsma, I immediately had a good feeling about this job. I’m still very glad that I took that step because Ultimate Maritime Logistics really feels like a ‘family’. I used to work for large companies, and I now notice that I feel more at ease in a relatively small company. I work with nice people; decisions are taken more quickly, and you can get immediate feedback on the work you do. If I have an idea, I don’t have to wait until all layers of the company agree. That speeds up the process.”

 “At my previous employers I visualized the sales- or operational data. At Ultimate Maritime Logistics I help them visualize data for the customers. Previously, Ultimate Maritime Logistics was mainly concerned with integrating systems. Nowadays, customers want to see what’s behind the figures in the system they use. So, I create dashboards that give them an insight of what’s happening in the company and allow them to manage their processes. In the maritime industry every part of the process can be visualized in data. I make sure that a client doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on analyzing data and it becomes easier to manage.”

 “What I really like is to see what customers in the maritime logistics are struggling with, so I can help them understand the data and find an appropriate solution. For me it’s easy, for them it's difficult, because they don’t understand the complexity. As a consultant I can use my knowledge to give advice to our customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 consists of a lot of figures that a customer doesn’t understand. Customers want to have a kind of dashboard integrated into the system. While they are doing their work, entering orders or transactions, they can immediately see how the company is doing. I help them visualize all those processes. That was something Ultimate Maritime Logistics couldn't offer before. Since I have been working for Ultimate Maritime Logistics they are able to sell this visual part to prospects or offer this to prospects of other parties. Microsoft continues to develop its tools. Dynamics 365 and Power BI are both Microsoft products and I try to integrate it all.”

“My challenge this first year at Ultimate Maritime Logistics was to familiarize myself with Dynamics 365. I had never used this product before. The data in Dynamics and Flex Maritime Logistics are both very complex. I need to understand the complexity of the software before I can translate it into the various specific processes and do something for the customers. They want something specific, and it is my job to adapt the system to that. My biggest challenge now is to understand Dynamics 365 and to simplify it. I also have to keep up with the development of this Microsoft product. To stay at the top, I must follow the innovations of the product. That is definitely a challenge, because there are new releases every month!”

 “The nice thing about my job at Ultimate Maritime Logistics is the freedom they give me. Nobody tells me how to do my job, because they know that I know my work better than they do. For me this is the first company where they are flexible with the planning. We agree together on how we will approach a project and I deliver the right product. I can decide where and when I work on it. It’s a nice team to work with. It feels a bit like a family business. I really think I missed that at the previous companies. I feel appreciated for what I do, because my specialty is something that the company didn’t have before. It feels good to see the impact of my work every day!”

Michal ends the interview: “I’m originally from Slovakia and am 37 years old. I live in Loosdrecht, together with my wife and children aged 3 and 5. That’s only 25-minute drive to the office in Amersfoort. Fine! I like to spend the weekends with my wife and children doing fun and sport. I try to walk as much as possible in the woods nearby and play badminton once or twice a week.”

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