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18 january 2024
Introduction of Pedro Nunes
Introduction of Pedro Nunes

The new year has begun. A beautiful moment to introduce our new colleague, Pedro Nunes. Ultimate Maritime Logistics continues to grow steadily. Innovation is not yet common in the maritime sector. To truly take our customers to the next level, we specifically focus on innovation & Business Intelligence. In this blog, Pedro is happy to share more about his role. Will you join us for a read?

“In my role as a Project and BI Manager, I primarily focus on Project Management, overseeing Business Intelligence initiatives, implementing Management Control measures, coordinating teams, and providing strategic consulting. It is a diverse role where team-coordination and customer satisfaction centre stage for our customers.”


The professional journey of Pedro has been diverse. He started as an Architect, transitioned into BI/PowerBI Consulting, engaged in teaching and training, and eventually found his niche as a Project Manager. This varied background equips him with a holistic perspective in managing projects and BI solutions.

Pedro’s role at Ultimate Maritime Logistics

What Pedro find truly engaging in his role, is the dynamic nature of his work. Coordinating diverse teams, gaining valuable insights, ensuring timely project delivery, and contributing to decision-making processes are the aspects that keep him motivated. It's the perfect blend of team coordination, insights generation, and staying ahead of market trends.

“At Ultimate, I appreciate the emphasis on innovation, fostering client relationships, and the collaborative spirit within the team. The focus on teamwork aligns well with my values, and the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation while building strong client connections is truly rewarding.”

Preview 2024, trends in the maritime industry

“Several industry trends are influencing us, including the growing importance of Agility, advancements in BI, strategic technology partnerships, the rise of IoT, and the increasing significance of big data and analytics.

To address these trends, Ultimate Maritime Logistics is committed to continuous training, fostering innovation, obtaining relevant certifications, and ensuring their technological infrastructure remains up-to-date. This proactive approach positions Ultimate Maritime Logistics to adapt swiftly to industry changes.

“For example, we are excited about the upcoming launch of a new BI Reporting system utilizing Microsoft technologies. Additionally, we're delving into process automation with Power Platform, reflecting our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This are always looking for this kind of innovation!”

The story of Pedro

Pedro is 33 years old and originally from Lisbon, Portugal. He is now relocating to the Netherlands, a place he has never visited before. Contrary to the common misconception that people in Northern European countries are reserved and not easy to connect with, Pedro must say that this perception does not hold true for the Netherlands. Apart from differences in weather and cuisine, he has found striking similarities in behaviour, making the transition much smoother than expected. Discovering this has been a pleasant surprise, and Ultimate Maritime Logistics is a shining example of the welcoming atmosphere here.

Beyond his professional life, Pedro takes pleasure in exploring architecture and participating in cultural and technological events. This balance between his personal and professional interests contributes significantly to a well-rounded perspective, ultimately enhancing his creativity and problem-solving skills.

“In today's technology-driven landscape, the role of Project and BI Managers has become increasingly pivotal. As industries evolve, decision-making relies more on reliable data. Embracing trends like AI, BI, and Big Data is crucial for innovation and staying competitive in the market. My role is integral in guiding clients through these advancements, ensuring they make informed decisions based on trustworthy data.”

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The world of maritime logistics is complex and full of challenges. Do you have any questions and would you like to exchange views? Then get in touch with us.

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