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26 october 2023
Introduction of Juan - Pierre Herselman
Introduction of Juan - Pierre Herselman

Ultimate Maritime Logistics is growing. Juan-Pierre has joined our team as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Developer. In this blog JP talks about his work background, his current role at Ultimate Maritime Logistics and his personal life.

“The focus of my work as Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Developer is to successfully implement, upgrade, and maintain customers on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. I also supporting them with the necessary knowledge and innovation in any changes or new requirement that they might have”.

“In 2015 I started working for a company in Pretoria South-Africa as a Microsoft Dynamics AX developer. On university I worked as a student instructor and assistant, but being fresh out of University I did not know what to expect entering the business world.

“Throughout my 8 years developing in Microsoft Dynamics AX, I worked on a lot of projects and with a lot of different customers.”


  • Being part of an implementation as a developer, warehouse management consultant, and maintenance consultant.
  • Experience in working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 4, 2009, 2012, and D365 F&O.
  • Data Migrations, maintaining and upgrading environments.
  • Deployments and environment monitoring.
  • Bank solution integrations.
  • Working on a project creating a financial app for a customer.
  • Implementing and customizing D365 Retail, and integrations on D365 Retail.

“What I really like about my job at Ultimate Maritime Logistics is the fact that there will always be new challenges to face, new things to learn, new people to meet and new places to be. Also, it is a nice feeling to see something you worked on comes together and being implemented to help someone else in their day-to-day life.
What I really enjoy at Ultimate Maritime Logistics, is the team spirit. No matter who you are or which problem you have, the team will always try to help you out”.

Industry trends that influence the way of working

“From my perspective, seeing how easily people can transfer products from one place to another in these days, makes it ideal to be a maritime logistics company. Not long ago it was a big wow to be able to order products online, and now even ordering products internationally has become a normal standard”.

“With the improvement of the technology the world keeps getting smaller and smaller. Products are easily shipped as well. Also, with the new D365 platform it allows organizations to create a more seamless integration or communication between the different products of D365. This makes it also much easier to broaden one’s area of focus. We see a lot of product broadening occurring within organizations”.

For Ultimate Maritime Logistics, this is a great opportunity to attract more customers and to grow even bigger as a company in the maritime logistics.

“Another cool development in technology is that D365 F&O can Integrate with ChatGPT, provided by Open AI. For example, this can help with navigation in D365 and help users if they are struggling to setup a process or do a task. Instead of the user contacting the supporting partner for assistance, ChatGPT could provide the needed information!”

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Background information about JP

“I have recently moved from South Africa to the Netherlands. I am 31 one years old, and currently living on my own in Lelystad. About three years ago I started thinking of moving to the Netherlands and this year I was fortunate to secure a role with Ultimate Maritime Logistics team. I am not a very city type person, and don’t like a lot of people and noise around me. Coming from a small farmers town in South Africa, I am a very outdoorsy person. My hobbies are off-roading, fishing, playing golf, hunting, and scuba diving. Some would say this is not normally the activities associated with developer. But I love to do so”.

Do you have any questions?

The world of maritime logistics is complex and full of challenges. Do you have any questions and would you like to exchange views? Then get in touch with us.

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