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28 September 2023
Introduction of Alexander Kuzmin
Introduction of Alexander Kuzmin

Ultimate Maritime Logistics is serving several global customers, all active in the maritime industry. To do so, we are working with a professional, highly skilled team.

In this blog we would like to introduce Alexander Kuzmin.

Introduction Alexander

Alexander Kuzmin joined Ultimate Maritime Logistics in July this year. In this blog, Alexander talks about his work background and what exactly is his role in the team. Alexander holds the position of Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer. As our solution is built in Microsoft Dynamics, he is a welcome addition to our team of specialists. Alexander is involved in the development of new functionality for our customers and he is always eager to explore new solutions.


Alexander has a huge experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 infrastructure as developer, consultant and architect. He worked with Microsoft Dynamics products for more than 17 years and is even familiar with the ERP versions, beginning with AX3.0. Next to that, Alexander has lots of experience with MS SQL Server as database developer. In his previous career he also has experience with other development languages than Microsoft Dynamics 365, so he has a very extensive knowledge.

Love the challenge

Alexander loves the interesting challenges in his job. It is his character to always look further, seeking new opportunities and create the best solutions for customers. He is very eager to keep learning in his field of work. In order to be cost-efficient, Alexander believes that the use of AI will become highly important for the maritime industry as well. It will help to solve logistics problems. At Ultimate Maritime Logistics we are always discussing new opportunities and together with our team we often think out of the box. “For example, we are trying to introduce artificial intelligence technologies, greater use of small mobile devices, and the creation of optimal cost calculation algorithms”.

About Alexander

“I am 42 years old and my favourite hobby is traveling in any form. Especially I love the mountains and deserts. My personal goal is to visit at least 100 countries. I am doing quite well, as I already visited 80 beautiful countries. In my spare time I love walking along the coast and cycling.

Do you have any questions?

The world of maritime logistics is complex and full of challenges. Do you have any questions and would you like to exchange views? Then get in touch with us.

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