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20 April 2023
Introducing Reza
Introducing Reza

Reza has been working at Ultimate Maritime Logistics as a senior developer since 2021. In this blog, he talks about his background, his role within the company, trends he’s seeing in the market and last but not least the things he loves about his job at Ultimate.

About his expertise

In his work, the most important thing is to make sure the Maritime ERP system communicates with the outside world. Without the right communication, the clients will be lost. The maritime logistic processes are complex and good coordination of the various processes is important. Therefore, communication is key. Reza is an expert in creating the middleware that allows this communication with Microsoft Dynamics 365. He also makes sure the current codebase is up to date and optimized. He is very good in general architectural design for .NET codebase.

Reza studied Financial Econometrics and started his career as Investment strategist. After working a couple of years in the financial sector, he realized his heart lies in the IT world and he made a career switch in 2011 to dedicate his professional life as a developer. Before Reza joined Ultimate Maritime Logistics, he worked 3 years in the Robotics fields of software engineering which he found quite interesting. In his spare time he is still designing and creating software in this specific sector.

Reza enjoys the fast-paced dynamics involved in optimizing the new and current code base, design and develop software for the needs of his customers. The customer-driven way of working is totally his thing. Next to that, he loves working with his colleagues, the flexibility and interesting code base.

Trends & developments in the maritime sector

Since developing for customers in the maritime industry is his daily job, Reza see some trends over the time. For example, that architectural design of software is moving to a more flexible architecture. Ultimate Maritime Logistics always encourage his customers to be predictable, agile and data driven. This means also that the architectural design needs to be flexible too. According to the changing markets and the possibilities of the Ultimate Control solution, they are transitioning the current code into more flexible. “All new code for our middleware is created in such a fashion that, if our customers want it, it can be consumed by our API’s. This will make it for our current and new customers interesting as they create their own user interface; website, mobile application or desktop application just by consuming our API’s for the business logic”, explains Reza enthusiastic.


Reza is born and raised in The Hague. His parents have both an academic background and his cultural background is Islamic. He is married and has two beautiful daughters and e new baby boy is on his way to the world. Reza lived for quite some time in Belgium, he really loves their lifestyle and his home was only 200 metres away from the golfclub. Ideal work-life balance.

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