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13 june 2024
Introducing new team member Mark Hibma
Introducing new team member Mark Hibma

In this interview, we dive into the professional journey and insights of our new colleague Mark Hibma. Mark is back after a brief absence; he was part of the original crew and is now back! We are very happy to have him rejoin our team!

This interview highlights his commitment to adding new customers and driving the business forward.

Focus on Work
When we asked Mark where the focus of his work lies, Mark replied, “my primary goal is to successfully attract new customers to Ultimate Maritime Logistics portfolio. In doing so, I naturally focus on their core target group: companies working within those maritime logistics & maritime business operations.

Background and Work Experience
Mark shares his fascinating background, originating early on the maritime industry. "I was born into a shipping family, which sparked my curiosity about the organization of the shipping industry," he recalls. "As a child, I was introduced to maritime logistics through my father's job. He was a 'Master' at Shell Tankers, and I often visited Rotterdam oil terminals with him. Those visits left a lasting impression, and I developed a love for the oil tankers we saw while my father discharged cargo in Rotterdam."

What makes his work interesting
Mark finds his work fascinating because of the specialized nature of Ultimate Maritime Logistics. "We are a relatively small, specialist company with a huge amount of expert knowledge in the maritime industry," he notes. "Our team consists of colleagues with years of industry experience, collaborating with Microsoft specialists to use the latest technology, making it usable and deployable for our customers."

What he likes about his job at Ultimate Maritime Logistics
Mark expresses his enthusiasm for the diversity and complexity of maritime logistics. "The enormous diversity and complex processes in maritime logistics make it extremely interesting to work in this industry," he explains. "Traditionally, the maritime industry was not an early adopter of new technologies, as business was often conducted manually. However, in recent years, the industry has been catching up and the latest technologies are being rapidly adopted. My own maritime knowledge and interest come in handy here!"

Preview for 2024: industry trends and developments
Looking ahead to 2024, Mark identifies several trends that will influence Ultimate Maritime Logistics. "Rapid changes in technology and digitalization mean we need to grow with this evolving world faster than ever before," he says. "We need to use faster, better, more practical, clearer, and, above all, accurate data for better efficiency and optimization of highly complex processes."

Ultimate's response to industry changes
To respond to these changes, Ultimate Maritime Logistics plans to leverage state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies and related new developments, such as Microsoft Co-Pilot. "By mastering these technologies, we want to be ahead and serve our customers even better," he states.

Exciting new developments
Mark shares an exciting new initiative: "I am currently exploring how processes work at offshore renewable energy terminals. We aim to provide excellent service to them with our existing solutions, thus avoiding expensive custom development."

Personal insights
Mark is 58 years old and lives in Vianen, Utrecht. "In my free time, I enjoy spending time at the beach or the coast, visiting ports, and observing different types of vessels," he says. "Recently, I bought a Kamado BBQ and I love to try new recipes and BBQ techniques. I also occasionally visit festivals for an afternoon or evening of good dancing."

Advice for aspiring professionals
Mark concludes the interview with some advice for those new to the industry: "Make your hobby or interest your job, and it will be great if you can combine this in your daily activities. Then work is no longer work, but you are doing what you love most! The maritime logistics industry is extremely complex and changes rapidly, which is what makes it so interesting to work in. It's about faster, better, and more efficient transport of cargo from A to B by water and addressing or combining the rapid changes with state-of-the-art digital applications."

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