25 november 2021
Getting to know
Marco Larooij
Getting to know Marco Larooij

Marco Larooij has been working as a logistics consultant at Ultimate Maritime Logistics for some time now. In this blog, he talks about his background, the role he fulfils exactly and what he likes about his job. 

 “I started as a water clerk in Rotterdam in 1996. There I saw a tremendous number of ships and visited different port areas. From there, I ended up in the logistics process where I was mainly involved with dry bulk. I worked at Trans-Saar as coordinator of the logistics department. Then I switched to LBH and further specialised in dry bulk related activities. I now have an enormously broad experience in logistics packages within the maritime sector.” 

 “During my work, I met the consultants of Ultimate Maritime Logistics and their integrated ERP solution Flex Maritime Logistics. I was very excited about it and thought it was a good system to work with. A wonderful group of people with a great product. After a good talk with Dirk Sijtsma, I started at Ultimate Maritime Logistics as a logistics consultant, and it suits me down to the ground.” 

 “I’m having a blast at Ultimate Maritime Logistics and work on client accounts such as LBH, OVET and SEA Invest. What makes my job so much fun is that I can see my thoughts reflected in my work. The solutions that we devise together with the customer are actually reflected in the product. One of the advantages in my role is that I not only have experience as a user of the system but also speak the customer’s language. That is good for both parties and in that way, we can quickly achieve the desired results and I therefore really serve as a sounding board. With my broad logistics background and my own user experience, I can effectively help the customer to arrive at the ideal solution. The maritime world is small, so I often speak to contacts from my previous roles, which is also very appealing, in my opinion.” 

Marco concludes:” Besides my work at Ultimate Maritime Logistics, in my spare time I like to go for a walk with our Labrador, read and, as of recently, I have also picked up golf. I live in Maassluis with my wife, and we have three daughters, the oldest of which has already moved out.” 

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