15 december 2022
Getting to know
Atiraj Charoenchit

Getting to know colleague Atiraj Charoenchit

Atiraj has been working at Ultimate Maritime Logistics as a Dynamics 365 F&O Developer since July 2022. In this blog, he talks about his work background, what exactly his role is within the company and what he likes about working at Ultimate!

Despite working at Ultimate for only 6 months, Atiraj brings mountains of expertise that he has been able to help several colleagues with. The 32-year-old developer has already seen a lot of the world. From the United States back on base in Thailand before settling down in Malta. So how did he end up in the Netherlands? Atiraj says: "During my stay in Malta, I was approached by a recruiter. Whether I was interested in a job at Ultimate. And so now we are here. My wife and I have been living in the Netherlands for two weeks now. Currently we are still staying in a hotel but soon we will be living in Amsterdam!".

Atiraj gained his specific knowledge from a company in Bangkok where he held several roles over 10 years. His marriage made him think about the future. "During the COVID period, we got married and we wondered where best to settle down. We decided to go to Europe. At Ultimate, it's all new to me but I'm really enjoying myself".

When asked what exactly this developer does, he is perhaps very modest in his answer. "I code. I try to make good codes for a better customer experience. I am mostly technical but customers see my work in the platform. I deliver my work to the functional consultants".  And these colleagues are very happy to have Atiraj. In fact, Atiraj's knowledge of Dynamics 365 allows him to very quickly provide solutions to the issues his colleagues have. "Just the other day," Atiraj indicates, "I was in the office. A colleague came to me with a problem in the system. So nice to be able to help him on the spot.

"Conversely, my colleagues are also very helpful. I can always ask them questions and that's nice. Working at Ultimate is very pleasant for me. I can do my work much faster and I get the opportunity to try out new things, which works well for me. Everything I have learned I can now put into practice".

Working at Ultimate also works well because working remotely is very normal. "This allows me to keep spare time and spend time with my wife, read a book or watch Netflix".

Are you also curious about the customer experience that Atiraj and his colleagues provide? Then take a look at <site>.

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