10 fabruary 2022
Customer interview | Hans Willems
Customer interview | Hans Willems

Hans Willems, former CFO of JCDecaux, talks about the years of collaboration with Ultimate Maritime Logistics, then known as Ultimate Software.


Hans Willems worked for JCDecaux for 21 years and 8 months and before that for LEO Pharma for 2.5 years. "At both companies I worked with Ultimate Maritime Logistics".

"In 1998 I worked as CFO at Leo Pharma in Weesp and Zaventem (BE). At the time, this company was still supported by another software supplier. We had to switch to a new system, and I had selected a company for this. With them, everything was possible... When an advisor makes such a statement, I become very cautious. It cannot be the case that within the software everything is possible what you want. I believe that you should not customize software too much for your company, because your company is not that unique. If you build the software in such a way that it is very specific to the customer, you create a customized environment and you become very dependent on that software supplier. And I didn't want that. That's why I decided to end the relationship."

Ultimate Maritime Logistics

“I switched during the implementation process. From that selection, Ultimate Maritime Logistics emerged as a 'smaller', realistic party that does not raise any 'false' expectations. Look, there are parties that like to develop software for a particular industry or customer, making the customer dependent on them. On the other hand, you have parties who deliver standard software and see if that standard version fits your company. Of course, it’s nice if you can make adjustments, but preferably not too many. Ultimate Maritime Logistics is an example of this. The director at the time struck me as a very firm person with a clear vision. That appealed to me so much that I decided to go with them".

Simplicity where it counts

"The added value of Ultimate Maritime Logistics for my company was that they keep things simple where possible. They stay close to the standard software as the creators have developed it. And if you do that, you don’t need a lot of customization, the implementation is not too complicated, and you create a simple environment that is also easier to maintain.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics looks at what the customer needs, but also works from the vision that the customer does not become too dependent on customization. For me it seems to be a very good starting point for the maritime industry. The adjustments in the software will probably work for the whole maritime customer group who are essentially competitors of each other, but not in the software field".

The power of Ultimate Maritime Logistics

"Ultimate Maritime Logistics distinguishes itself from other companies by using a clear vision to keep the software as simple as possible for the customer. This vision and their reliability, makes this company highly recommendable! For financial people like me, it is very important that the software is up and running at the beginning of a financial year. Above all, the invoicing must be in order, so that the cash flow is not interrupted, and the income flow does not come to a halt. A suitable ERP solution is essential for the success of your business. Automation has become so important these days. A well-functioning system is the core of your business. If your administration is not in order, you will have a problem."


"The cooperation with Ultimate Maritime Logistics has shown that they keep their word. It is a party that takes its responsibility. They are always clear about what you can expect as a customer, they are no-nonsense, and they clearly indicate their limits. We can do this, we can't do that, but we will find a solution with external parties. Their advice is really based on their expertise, on knowledge of the software. If they don't have the knowledge, they're very honest about that. I have always appreciated that. They believe very much in their product and all-in-one solution. You can count on them. If they say that our company can go live on January 1st, then we will actually go live on that day. And if something goes wrong in the software, it is neatly picked up and solved. The lines are short, and I have found that very pleasant. It’s about switching gears quickly, telling people what is going on and drawing up a plan together on that basis". 

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